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Pets and Your Wedding!

I love Chester! There I said it… I love my cat. I mean how can you not love him, look at the face, he’s so handsome.

Chester Wilson

Now that we’ve got that out in the open, we can talk about involving your pet in your wedding. Let’s be honest, pets are family members. We dreamed of including Chester as our ring bearing cat, but we figured he’d be on the run in a split second. He also wasn’t too keen on the leash idea. So, we moved on and Chester happily stayed home and did what cats do. Sleep, eat, knock things down, and bask in the Maine sunshine. Fast forward from my own wedding to my days and nights coordinating weddings to where you will find the cutest table numbers. They featured Theo, the couples beloved dog, who was also in attendance at the wedding and reception. Each table was also outfitted with a little dry food for Theo, that way the guests’ food was not becoming Theo’s dinner too.

This got me thinking about how else you could include your pets in your wedding.

Here are some ideas:

  • Save the dates and invites- For pet lovers you can include your pets in some creative ways.

  • The Ceremony- Need a ring bearer? This could be good unless they will run away like Chester, so maybe dog of honor or best cat would be a better idea.

  • Wedding photos- They are family photos after all!
Family Portrait - Rachel Rodgers Photography

  • At the bar- Name a signature drink after them. Man, I wish I had thought of this for our wedding. “The Chester” could have been a sweet and sour cocktail… as he often reminds me of the Sour Patch Kid commercial. First he’s sour then he’s sweet...

  • Wedding Decor- Include them in your table decor. As mentioned above Theo was featured in my couple’s wedding. The groom hand-painted Theo in different poses and predicaments, like that time Theo got into the trash. But really there is a lot you could do from cake toppers to signs.

  • Guestbook- Miss Design Berry offers portraits that can be used as an alternative to the traditional guestbook. Etsy is a good resource as well.

  • The reception- Have them there. Having your pet there like Theo could be a great touch on your wedding day. Keep in mind you’ll need a pet friendly venue and my notes below about planning to have a pet involved with your wedding.

  • Wedding favors- Share the love to the pets stuck at home with a treat bag for the four legged friends to celebrate too or make a donation to an animal shelter in lieu of favors.

With all this said the biggest thing is knowing your pet as you plan your wedding. Are they relaxed or will they get too excited. For some the crowd and noise might not be their cup of tea. Can they be without you and be okay? After all, you are going to be very busy on your wedding day. Keep them in mind when your planning, so that everyone can be happy, including your pets.

Table numbers hand painted by the Groom

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