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A Maine Barn Wedding

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

The wedding dream you’ve had growing up...what was it? Being from the coast of Maine, mine was an ocean front wedding or beach wedding, with the salt air and ocean breeze blowing on a perfect sunny, summer day. Then you grow up... start listening to country music and you watch people start turning their old barns into these amazing, rustic master pieces of wedding awesomeness. Suddenly you are engaged and that beach wedding went right out the window and now you are thinking whiskey barrels, farm tables, fields, and THAT BARN. You imagine you cowboy boots under your dress as you dance around on those wide pine floors, while lights glimmer off the wood beams that were hand cut decades ago, all while your guests enjoy lawn games outside while drinking their beer from a mason jar.

Yup, that was totally our wedding and it was a blast. We’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Finding THAT Maine Wedding Barn…

  • To find that barn, which for us was the Hitching Post of Maine, we had to look at our guest list number. The number of guest would determine which Barn Wedding Venues could hold our guests without bursting at the seams and making that cousin you didn’t really want to invite sit outside in a thunderstorm.

  • Our second factor was budget, barn wedding venues in Maine range in cost approximately $3,500 to $15,000.

  • Our third factor was what the venue included and the additional cost we would have to make it what we wanted. For us, the Hitching Post of Maine had everything we wanted and it would hold our 130 guests, such as:

  1. Space for lawn games

  2. Farm tables and chairs included

  3. Flushable toilets (But for real, the bathrooms were a blessing! Because really, who wants to use a port-a-potty while in a wedding dress...sorry to the port-a-potty rental biz, but there is a time a place).

  4. A bar & patio area

  5. A separate ceremony area

  6. Plenty of whiskey barrels

All I can say is barn weddings are pretty darn awesome and fun, just ask our guests! It allowed us to show our personality and DIY skills! Additionally, we were able to do our wedding on what we felt was a pretty conservative budget.

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Barns in Maine range in price as mentioned above, but they also have different styles. You’ll have your choice of rustic (and I mean rustic)… all the way to venues that leave you questioning “was that even a barn?” So get out there and find that perfect venue for you, whether it is a barn or not. If you need some help from someone that has done it before, reach out to a wedding coordinator or don’t hesitate to contact venues to ask questions!

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